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Recruit Project Management Professionals

PM Rehab offers insights for personal traits, professional experience and project management skills through real-life assessment scenarios, all verified by our own industry professionals. The program also offers in-depth insights through business intelligence to help you identify the perfect candidates for open recruitment roles.

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Assessments evaluating 30+ skills and competencies.

Online tools to compare skills, competencies and other attributes.

Unique identifiers for candidates, ensure their identity is secure.

New candidates apply every day - updated in real-time.

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Strengthen your team at PM Rehab and experience the shift

The PM Rehab Accelerator program offers real-time support to enhance your project managers tasks, skills and competencies, bridging the gap between your workforce and adding value to your business. Program elements include: evaluations, learning experiences, mentoring, administrative support and orientation for new hires.

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Expedite new hire PM orientation for your organization.

Real-time learning experiences, anchored in our 3P methods.

Real-time support for individuals based on business requirements.

Expertise and support from career consultants and professionals.

Non-customer facing support for PM administration.

Accelerator Program

Excellence is Demonstrated - Not Documented

PM Rehab understands that skills and experience require demonstration. Documenting or discussing those traits is easy - demonstrating them practically is a whole other matter. The 3P Excellence Standards are the core of how PM Rehab enhances those intangible skills in real-world scenarios.

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PMR Scores are based on Personal, Professional and PM Skills.

Personal Skills - also referred to as "Soft" or "People" Skills."

Professional Skills - on the job information, skills and knowledge.

PM Skills - an individuals skills and competencies as a project manager.

Industry Accrdiations - indusry vertical certifications.

3P Excellence Standards

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