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The Evaluate for Recruiting Program is a FREE community for project professionals who are looking for new employment opportunities. Our approach to recruiting is designed for everyone to be evaluated anonymously, ensuring equal opportunities for everyone. We understand quantifiable attributes like training and accreditations, industry experience, geography and former employer names are very important to any vacancy - but so are interpersonal skills and competencies that are generally not considered unless you are fortunate enough to be invited for an interview.

At PM Rehab, we want to help project professionals get noticed beyond what is seen on an application, CV or resume - and help recruiters realize they are missing out on exceptional talent due to a poorly written resume or an unimpressive former employer. The Evaluate For Recruiting program and service reemphasize the skills and competencies that drive employee development and retention. Our application process and anonymous publishing of personally identifiable candidate data in our Candidate Dashboard facilitates objectivity and allows recruiters to focus only on skills and attributes that are critical for their vacancies - before discovering personal or gender identifiable information.

Register Your Details: When you apply, PM Rehab will ask you to provide information and insights about yourself for local and global recruiters and employers. This includes your availability, location, languages and a whole host of other information to help you to land your next role

Complete an Assessment: You will be instructed to complete the PMR assessment. It is a comprehensive assessment of your skills in many different areas, which is used to create your PMR Score. Questions include real-life scenarios from personal, professional and project management perspectives.

PMR Candidate ID Profile: Your details and your assessment will be verified by our industry professionals. Your PMR Score - along with all of your other credentials and details - will be anonymously published on our Candidate Dashboard for recruiters and employers all over the world.

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Following the 3P Excellence Standards, PM Rehab recruits project professionals from around the world. Using our professionally developed assessments and business intelligence - we expedite recruiting by segmenting critical attributes of potential candidates using visual analytics - allowing recruiters to identify the best candidates for their vacancies (view terms and conditions here).

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Finding candidates for your roles has never been easier. With any subscription, we promote vacancies through our sourcing partners - where applicable Candidate IDs will be shared with you each week and also added to the Candidate Dashboard to compare with other candidates. Let us use our approach with your requirements to accelerate your recruitment (view terms and conditions here).

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