Our 3P Excellence Standards are made up of the people, professional and project management skills and competencies critical to project management. All PM Rehab solutions are anchored in these standards with the intention to bridge the disconnect within a workforce requiring interpersonal development.

The PM Rehab 3P Excellence Standards are designed to focus on the skills and competencies that make good Project Managers great:

Versatility: The ability to do many things well and to be open when presented new ideas or changes.

Discipline: Organized and consistent in how work is completed, through processes and methodologies.

Cooperative: Productive when working with two or more parties and able to work well in groups.

Display cultural awareness of global citizenship, bridging cultural gaps with good communication skills.

Displaying honesty and integrity by being free of deceit and truthful without regard to one's feelings.

Communications: Speak appropriately to a variety of people using effective techniques.

Industry Knowledge: Demonstrate expertise with industry accreditations, driving decisions.

Diversification: Display the ability to embrace new ideas, products, services or cultures.

Management: Collective use of skills to facilitate planning, decision making and motivating others.

Leadership: Guiding the direction of an organization through influence, maximizing the efforts of others.

Professionalism: Displaying the standards of an experienced person within an industry.

Communications Management: Linking people and information throughout a project life cycle.

Procurement Management: Acquiring products, services or results from an external sources.

Stakeholder Management: Identifying those impacted by the delivery of a project.

Scoping: Coordination and allocation of the work load required to deliver a project.

PM Tools & Software: Displaying the ability to use software tools to plan, collaborate and track projects.

Integrations: Combining project work elements, including project planning & execution processes.

Quality Management: Ensuring the results of a project meets the needs for which the project was executed.

Cost Management: The control of costs so that the project can be completed within budget.

Risk Management: The ability to identify, analyse and respond to project risks.

Resource Management: The organization and management of tasks for project team members.

Scheduling: The ability to process and organize tasks to ensure timely completion of the project.

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