PM Rehab is now ConnectingPM!

Empowering Project Management Professionals with Human-Centric Solutions

Our solutions provide 360° services for Project Management Professionals, Business Enterprises, Recruiting Agencies, and much, much, more!

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PM Selector

PM Selector for Professionals is our Project Management resourcing solution for professionals, enterprises, recruitment or hiring agencies.

PM Accelerator

PM Accelerator provides on-the-job coaching and support solutions to empower, enhance and optimize interpersonal skills and the delivery of projects.

PM Orchestrator

PM Orchestrator empowers companies by enhancing and optimizing organizational operations through our expert Project Management knowledge and experience.

PM Responder

PM Responder Responder is our RFx response solution, supporting client requests for Professional Services and Project Management opportunities.

PM Provider

With PM Provider we provision solutions and allocate professionals with a project management scope for specific roles within industry verticals and locations.


More Services - More Offers

In early 2022, we will introduce all of our ConnectingPM Solutions through our new platform for Professionals, Recruitment Agencies and Business Enterprises.


About Us

ConnectingPM is part of ConnectingHG and its vision is to harmonize operations between the workforce and leadership, resulting in increased efficiency, productivity and employee satisfaction. ConnectingPM is our flagship program and will be joined by ConnectingDX for Digital Transformation, ConnectingCX for Customer Experience - and many more exciting, new Programs.


A Message from our Founder

"When I started PM Rehab, I was solely focused on helping enterprises maximize their strongest assets - their employees. With ConnectingPM, that focus is expanding to help enterprises accelerate the integration and optimization of their project management capabilities. Across the range of solutions on offer, and our global job platform for Project Managers, I know we can improve how enterprises leverage project management to transform their respective industries." - Heather Gates.